Banded Pines Webbing Harness | FI COMPATIBLE with FI end links

Size Guide


Please note that COBRA® metal buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™ are not available for 3/4" webbing. They are only available for 1" webbing.

This harness includes FI approved end links attached.  These make it possible to insert a, currently owned, or purchased FI GPS Tracker to our harness.

Whether you're walking on the sidewalk or the trail, harnesses provide safety and visibility for your dog. Our new harness features a non-disruptive no-pull ring, BioThane spine where the FI end links are attached, three clip points and buckles, plus an anti-chaffe design that sits 1-2" behind your dog's armpit/elbow area! 

PLEASE make sure to measure your dog according to the sizing chart in the last image photo. 

If you have a puppy/dog that weighs over 80 pounds, or one that pulls hard, please consider COBRA® metal buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™ if you don't want to chance a plastic buckle breaking, as the AustriAlpin buckles will not break. AustriAlpin buckles are only available in 1", they are NOT available in 3/4".

*Because of the size of the FI GPS Tracker, we are not able to make the spine size less than a size 7.

*if the pattern or size you want is out of stock, please check back weekly, as we can only process a certain number of harnesses a week. 

Sizing chart is listed as the last image photo.