When we were first trying to figure out a design for our bandanas, it came from a mentality to make them more than just a neckpiece for your dog. We wanted them to be functional, problem solving, and easy to use. Like all our products, we wanted them to get rid of the worry most hiking dog owners feel when they’re on the trails and before their dog goes into the water. After testing and experimenting in the real world, we finally came up with the design you see today for our Slip N’ Seek™ Bandanas!


The design of our bandanas starts with the main canvas portion. We went back and forth for months deciding how we wanted them sewn and assembled to be the most durable and long lasting we could make them.


Slip-On Design 

The main function of our bandana is the slip-on design. We wanted to design something completely new and innovative for many reasons, the main one being pure convenience. Many dog owners don’t put bandanas on their dogs because the tying or snapping required to get it on. Our bandanas take that extra step away, so all you have to do when you’re ready to hit the trails is slip it on and you’re ready to go!

** Our bungee system is not made for load bearing use, specifically clipping a leash to it. We recommend using our Duraventure® Hybrid Leash as a slip-lead or clipping your leash to a collar while using this bandana **



While designing our bandanas, we specifically wanted to find out if this was something we could protect and keep unique to our brand. After conducting a legal search and filing our patent, we were finally able to launch the long awaited bandanas! Our patent pending bungee system is comprised of super durable materials, namely military grade waterproof bungee, stainless steel screw rivets, and waterproof BioThane to hold everything in place!


Durable Canvas Fabric

Each bandana features the front patterned canvas which is made from recycled Polyester materials, treated for water & stains, and is printed on proprietary patterns designed for simple, modern high visibility on the trails. This is backed with a waterproof canvas and both are sewn together using a heavy duty, UV resistant thread (specifically meant to be used in salt water, with sand, and in the sun).


Like all Banded Pines products, our bandanas are no different. Mud, snow, sand, salt water, etc. doesn’t stand a chance against our patterns. Even and especially our white based patterns. These babies will wash clean every time you go out, and they really shine when put to the test amongst outdoor elements. We have customers worldwide who use their bandanas over and over again on the trails and have no problem taking them home and washing them clean!

Holds Shape 

Because of the nature of the materials we use, the front fabric does not lose shape or color when wet or covered in snow. These materials also dry quickly and are able to glide overtop of your dog’s fur to prevent hot spots and don’t make your dog hot while hiking.


Another huge aspect to having a bungee system on the bandanas was to ensure they could hold up to pretty much anything! Wrestling, swimming, hiking, getting lost, rolling in mud, trail running, and more. Off leash hiking becomes SO much easier and less of a hassle when your dog is visibly marked, comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about their bandana falling off!


Bandana Tags

This product was one we had in mind from the very start of designing the bandanas. We wanted to make these the safest bandanas on the market, and the most practical for off leash lovers who hate putting a collar on their dog just for ID purposes. Because of our patent pending bungee system, you can easily clip one of our matching bandana tags or any ID tag to the bandana. If your dog gets lost, your information will be right on their neck, easy to get to and see for the person who finds your dog.


Our bandanas are the ultimate hiking accessory for any outdoor dog. Whether you just want them for looks, durability, safety, or as a collar backup, this bandana will stand up to whatever you put it through for the Lifetime of your dog!