The members of the Banded Pines team pride themselves in the craftsmanship and durability of our gear. Because of this, our warranty covers Fabric wear (ONLY IF WATERPROOFING SPRAY HAS BEEN PURCHASED AND RE-APPLIED EVERY 4-6 TIMES THE PRODUCT GETS WET) that includes tearing, fraying, or coming apart, thread coming apart, and Webbing is worn or ripped (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DAMAGE INFLICTED BY YOURSELF OR YOUR DOG). We do also cover malfunctioning buckles (buckle does not completely fasten or come apart) within 1 year of purchase but this DOES NOT cover scratches, staining, dog or human inflicted damage, or discoloration of the hardware. If your dog pulls when on leash, we recommend purchasing a COBRA® buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™. If you purchase a Duraventure polyacetal buckle and it breaks within one year of purchase, we will replace it ONE TIME free of charge and if your plastic buckle breaks a second time, we now require an upgrade to a COBRA® buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™, which will require an additional $20 charge per collar to replace.
We are now able to offer our dogs lifetime warranty on all AustriAlpin buckles
**See below for what our warranty does not cover**

The warranty is effective once you receive the collar. You will receive a shipping notification when you purchase a collar from us so you can track the package.

Our gear is built to withstand every element, outdoor setting, and countless trips into the unknown but sadly is no match for dog teeth, nails, or your dog rubbing itself against rough materials. Along with our hardware, our fabric is not made to withstand teeth or nails which can sometimes be just as sharp as a knife. Our warranty does not cover any damage done to our products directly from dogs or humans including, but not limited to, chewing, biting, excessive scratching, rubbing against a wall or crate or the like, etc.
If your dog chewed through their Bandana Bungee or BioThane pieces, please contact us at: bandedpines@gmail.com

YES. If your order was placed more than 30 days ago or you have any issue other than a return/refund or exchange. This is especially important for international orders. The product will undergo a thorough check to evaluate the condition or damaged/malfunctioning pieces fix any issues covered under our warranty free of charge once we receive the collar from you. Please contact us via email: bandedpines@gmail.com to recieve directions and a Return Form to fill out explaining the issues, your name, mailing address, and email or phone number. Please use a padded envelope or small box to ensure your item makes it through the postal service automation. Make sure you use tracked shipping as it’s less likely to get lost. We are not responsible for items lost in transit to our location.

If your order was placed less than 30 days ago and you are wanting ONLY a refund or exchange (for products that have NOT been worn by your dog), you do not have to pay shipping. Just use our easy Returns portal and enter your order # and zip code, then follow the directions.

We don't guarantee a time frame as there are so many variables with repairing a product. Usually, it takes between 3-5 days to fully repair the product.

If you do not re-spray your gear with our pet safe waterproofing spray, we cannot guarantee that stains will not begin to set in or that the fabric itself will not weaken (leading to fraying). The spray only lasts for up to 4 to 6 washes or 4-6 times of the product getting wet. If you find that stains are still setting in after scrubbing with a brush and soap, please try spraying the stains with a laundry stain remover (such as Oxi Clean or Spray N Wash), then scrub again with a brush and soap. If stains are still there, please contact us through email: bandedpines@gmail.com. We cannot fix or replace any gear that has been neglected, misused, cared for incorrectly, or tampered with. Please note that if your dog is especially tough and pulls hard consistently, we will only replace a plastic buckle one time, within 1 year of purchase, and if your plastic buckle repeatedly breaks, we now require an upgrade to a metal COBRA® buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™, which will require a $20 charge to replace. Our gear is never to be used with tie-outs. We ARE able to offer our dogs lifetime warranty on all AustriAlpin buckles.

If you have an odd or out-of-your-hands circumstance, we would be happy to accommodate your situation. You can contact us by emailing us your questions or concerns to bandedpines@gmail.com. We will ask you to send us proof of purchase, and/or pictures of the damaged product beforehand.