Check out the video below to see firsthand how our gear stood up to the testing we put it through!

Our collars are our strongest product by far, compromised only by the buckle or D-ring. The fabric, webbing, and thread are able to withstand more than 1,300lbs of force before the D-Ring bends and breaks. These tests didn’t compromise or damage the materials in any way and they were still completely functional afterwords. (These tests were conducted using the AustriAlpin Cobra® Buckle)

The Polyacetal Buckle tests concluded that this variation of collar can withstand up to 400lbs of continued applied force.

While testing our leashes, we discovered that they are a dynamic product, meaning there is a good amount of stretch and movement in the BioThane and Duraventure Webbing. This is incredibly important as many dogs pull against their leashes, both for prolonged periods of time and in quick spurts. Our Duraventure Leash broke at a max of 290lbs applied continuously and had 3-4 inches of travel.

** All tests performed, numbers, and results are copyright Banded Pines LLP. These results cannot be replicated or used without explicit permission from Banded Pines LLP **

Here at Banded Pines, safety and durability are our top priority. We are proud to create incredibly strong and reliable patterned dog gear and are confident in all our products’ ability to hold up for your dog’s lifetime.Part of holding to that claim is providing concrete results through real world scenarios and commercial testing. Every one of our products goes through a rigorous testing phase that usually lasts 3-5 months to determine what improvements need to be made before the product ever hits the market. The first part of this testing consists of real world situations performed by our team and other dog owners around the world.After testing this way for over 3 years, we wanted to see more concrete evidence and proof of what our products could withstand. Our collars and leashes were put through commercial testing performed by an unbiased third party source. We did this for a few reasons: to get definite load bearing numbers and to determine if the product is static (does not stretch) or dynamic (stretches).Check out the video above to see firsthand how our gear stood up to the testing we put it through!