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As a member of the Pines Pack Program, you will have the ability to rock our gear and promote it as an official part of our team. You’ll go through an interview process and receive coaching to set you up for success on your own platforms. You won’t be capped or limited on your commissions and can choose when, how, and where you post about Banded Pines gear.

We will not be focusing on follower count, engagement, or photo quality when it comes to our Pines Pack Members. We are looking for dedicated dog owners who are passionate about their connection with their dogs and believe in our mission. Accounts who lead by example and are educating, entertaining, and empowering other dog owners to give their dogs the best life. 

Once you are accepted into the program, you will be given the opportunity to purchase bundled products at a discounted rate to start, and you will be allowed to use your own commission link to purchase future products. Please read our Terms of Service before agreeing to join the program.

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