Through years of cycling through different hardware, listening to customer feedback, and research we are proud to offer the most durable and highest quality hardware options for our collars. Each is used for different purposes and will be more or less effective for your dog so we encourage all our new customers to read through and learn about the different kinds of hardware we offer!


Duraventure® Polyacetal Buckle

This buckle is our cheapest and most versatile hardware option that doesn't compromise quality or strength. When we first started making collars, we were under the impression that metal was the strongest material for our collars and we quickly found that was not necessarily the case. Regular nickel plated buckles are used for aesthetic purposes and are not made for constant outdoor exposure. When we discovered high quality Polyacetal buckles, it became clear that this was the material for our buckles and could match the quality and durability we strive for with each collar we produce.
Our Duraventure® Buckle buckle is made for constant outdoor exposure, and has been hand crafted with the strongest Polyacetal material available. It is Military Grade and Berry Compliant, surpassing every military test for buckles and are made right here in the USA. It's unique design displaces weight from pulling evenly and is able to withstand high pressure. Additionally, polyacetal is a very flexible plastic and is able to flex instead of break in most cases. We recommend this hardware option for dogs who are smaller or who don’t pull often. While this buckle is difficult to break, constant pulling or excessive force will eventually wear down the plastic’s strength and the buckle may break. These buckles are incredible for beach use since the plastic won’t wear down from sand and salt water exposure. The light weight nature of polyacetal also provides a comfortable collar both for smaller dogs and larger pups who aren’t fans of wearing collars.
Available in ¾”, 1”, and (1.5” special order) sizes


The owners of Banded Pines went back and forth for a long time before offering this buckle as a hardware option. Tactical style collars used by police dogs, IPO sport, and other intense sporting activities selectively use this style of buckle because of it’s sheer strength, durability, and fail proof nature. Along with these qualities, this buckle is VERY expensive and is definitely a long term investment.
The AustriAlpin brand carries the strongest commercially tested metal buckle in the world, which is why to us the price is worth it. The safety and longevity these buckles provide are unmatched, and no amount of pulling or tension  from a dog will break them. All COBRA® products are tested and certified to exceed Mil Spec guidelines for dust/sand/salt water as well as all applicable CE, EN, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards for fall-protection and personal safety. This is the only buckle we recommend for a dog who is a heavy puller, who participates in heavy duty/protection sports, and for high flight risk dogs who need the guarantee this buckle will hold under every circumstance. Because of the nature of this buckle, we will replace malfunctions and broken buckles over the lifetime of your dog.
Since using this buckle on our collars we have conducted commercial testing to ensure our fabric, webbing, and thread are strong enough to meet the strength and durability of this buckle. After performing these tests we concluded that our collars are compromised only by the D-Ring. The materials and buckle were both unphased after withstanding up to 1,300lbs of continuously applied force.
Available in 1” and (1.5” special order) sizes
Breaking Strength: 2,472 lbs




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