Why are your collars so expensive?

When you spend a lot on a product, it's an investment. Our collars are unlike any other product on the market today and we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our gear. You are paying for chemical and water resistant webbing, recycled canvas fabric, self-produced designs, water-resistant treatments, and a lifetime guarantee on all handmade portions of our gear. Our creative and direct niche is for people who invest in high-quality camping, hiking, and other recreational gear.

How long will my product take to make?

All Banded Pines products are proudly made in the USA which helps us keep the quality and integrity of our brand. Because of this, our products can take up to 1-3 weeks to make before they are shipped out as they are made to order. When we launch a new collection or run a sale, that time frame can get pushed back to 3-4 weeks depending on the volume of sales and if the products were pre-made. Increasing productivity and shortening our time frame are in the works and we hope to eventually be able to send products out much quicker than our current time frame.

Can I combine two orders?

Sadly our system doesn't allow us to combine orders anymore and it has become far too confusing to try and do this behind the scenes. Please make sure to order everything in the same order or know that you will have to pay for more shipping with the new order.

Will I be charged any additional fees for delivery outside the US?

In some cases, the shipment may be subject to VAT, duty, tax, or other charges required in the country of delivery. We cannot predict these additional costs and they are borne by the purchaser. Unfortunately, we can't estimate the amount of these fees in advance because they vary from country to country. For further information, please visit the Customs authorities in your place of residence, or their website. In some cases, the consignment will be cleared in the country of destination, which may cause delays and longer times to delivery.

Please note that we cannot declare a shipment as a gift, nor declare a price lower than the actual value of the shipment

I bought the wrong hardware. Can I send it in and exchange it?

If you ordered the wrong hardware from the website, we can swap out the buckle or hardware piece for you at a $10 service fee. You need to make sure the collar, leash, or bandana you send in has been thoroughly cleaned as running dirty products (especially grime that accumulates through daily wear) through our machines could result in them breaking. If a product is sent to us for repairs and isn't washed beforehand we may contact you asking for a cleaning fee or will send the product back to you. If your bandana is too tight or too loose, you do not need to send it to us to swap out the bandana. You can order a multi-size bungee pack and swap out the bungee yourself.

I ordered the wrong size collar and/or bandana. What can I do?

If you ordered the wrong size bandana you have 2 options:

1.) If the neck size is too tight, you will be required to order/purchase a multi-size bungee pack and switch the bungee out yourself with a flat head screwdriver.

2.) If the bandana length is too short or too long, and the bandana has not been worn or gotten dirty or have dog hair on it (AND IS IN BRAND NEW CONDITION) you can ship the bandana back to us and we will exchange it for a smaller or larger bandana size. NOTE: We do not refund or exchange bandanas that have been worn outside by your dog and cleaned to look new. The bandana must be in brand new condition (for resale purposes) and only "tried on" your dog.

If you ordered the wrong size collar and it has not been worn or gotten dirty or have dog hair on it (AND IS IN BRAND NEW CONDITION) you can ship the collar back to us and we will exchange it for a different size. If there is a price difference, we will either refund you the extra or send you an invoice for the additional charge of a bigger collar.

NOTE: We do not refund or exchange collars that have been worn outside by your dog and cleaned to look new, or were received more than 30 days from contacting us. The collar must be in brand new condition (for resale purposes) and only "tried on" your dog.

We charge a 15% restocking fee for all unused/unworn items returned for an exchange or refund. If requesting a refund, you must contact us within 30 days of receiving your product. All sale items are final sale and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded. Please keep this in mind before ordering and understand that each product is made by hand at our facility when your order is placed which means we have to find a place for it until the item is resold.

Can your collars stand up against salt water and sand?

Absolutely. We have many customers all over the world who frequent beaches and sandy places with their dogs and have had no problems with sand setting in or drying time. The collars also won't feel crusty or stiff after washing from the beach. Please be sure to rinse all your gear right away to get rid of any salt water. Our YKK buckles are specifically designed to push out excess sand and to ensure a more secure clip and eliminate the worry of a buckle coming unclasped.

Can you design me a custom collar?

As of right now, Banded Pines as a whole is not capable of making custom order collars because we print our fabric in bulk. It would not be cost effective for either party to have a custom collar made. But who knows, maybe in the future it could be a possibility!

Can I be a model or brand ambassador for Banded Pines?

We do not offer positions for models or ambassadors through our brand. We personally seek out specific dog owners to sport our gear depending on a variety of things including photography style, activity with their dog, lifestyle, and avoiding promoting multiple brands or products that can be confusing to ours, through a social media outlet.

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