Meet Rhonda and Kim, the creators, dreamers, and innovators behind Banded Pines. They're an unstoppable mother and daughter team of dog lovers who had a vision to help others and push the limits of what's considered "normal," which led them to build the brand that it is today.

Kim was working at PetSmart when a vending machine man asked her if she was doing what she loved. That question sparked something within her and motivated her to take the leap of faith to pursue her passions and dreams. She called her mom, Rhonda, and pitched an idea to innovate a revolutionary dog collar that would solve dog owners' problems of having collars that fell apart, stained easily, and needed to be replaced every year. She wanted to make a difference, and Rhonda, who loves sewing, offered her skills to help create something together.

They spent months researching materials until they finally launched their first product: dog collars specifically designed for outdoor dogs, made with high-quality polyester materials, unique self-designed patterns, and carrying a lifetime guarantee.

With their relentless passion, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Rhonda and Kim are leading the way in the dog collar industry, one innovative product at a time.

Our products and mission have remained true to our core values since the day we launched our shop in August of 2015. Our brand was founded on the principle of making a difference, and our innovative product that exceeded the limitations of a typical dog collar was groundbreaking for the outdoor dog community. Today, we continue to stay true to our core mission, which is to motivate and assist more dog owners to take their furry friends on adventures while also fighting against dog obesity.

At Banded Pines, we firmly believe that dogs deserve to live their best lives. Our products are designed with the goal of promoting a healthier lifestyle for dogs and their owners. We are committed to creating high-quality, durable, and stylish dog collars that are specifically designed for outdoor adventures. We want to inspire dog owners to get out and explore the world with their furry friends, all while keeping their dogs safe and comfortable.

Our mission to end dog obesity is also a top priority. We know that obesity can lead to serious health problems in dogs, which is why we strive to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through our products. By encouraging more outdoor activities and exercise, we hope to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of dogs and their owners.

At Banded Pines, we are passionate about our products and our mission. We are committed to helping dog owners create unforgettable memories with their furry friends while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

At Banded Pines, our inspiration for our products, lifetime guarantee for dogs, and brand integrity stems from our drive to revolutionize what dog gear can truly be. We firmly believe that dogs deserve the best, and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of dog gear reflects that.

Our brand has far more potential than just creating dog gear. With every product purchase, we aim to inspire and empower dog owners to be their best selves and take on new adventures with their furry companions. Our goal is to spread motivation, positivity, and strength to all dogs and their owners through our products and mission.

We believe that our products are more than just a collar or leash; they represent the bond between dogs and their owners, the love and loyalty that dogs provide, and the adventures that await. That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee for dogs, so that our customers can feel confident in their purchase and focus on creating unforgettable memories with their furry friends.

At Banded Pines, we are driven by a passion for dogs and a commitment to excellence. We aim to be more than just a brand; we want to be a source of inspiration, motivation, and positivity for all dog owners.