Why are your collars so expensive?

- When you spend a lot on a product, it's an investment. Our collars are unlike any other product on the market today and we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our gear. You are paying for chemical and water resistant webbing, recycled canvas fabric, self produced designs, water resistant treatments, and a lifetime guarantee on all handmade portions of our gear. Our creative and direct niche is for people who invest in high quality camping, hiking, and other recreational gear. 

I ordered the wrong hardware, can I send it in and exchange it?

- If you ordered the wrong hardware from the website, we can swap out the buckle or hardware piece for you at a $5 service fee. You do need to make sure the collar, leash, or bandana you send in has been thoroughly cleaned as running dirty products through our machines could result in them breaking. If a product is sent to us for repairs and isn't washed beforehand we may contact you asking for a cleaning fee or will send the product back to you.

Can your collars stand up against sand and salt water?

- Absolutely. We have many customers all over the world who frequent beaches and sandy places with their dogs and have had no problems with sand setting in or drying time. The collars also won't feel crusty or stiff after washing from the beach.  Please be sure to rinse all your gear right away to get rid of any salt water. Our YKK buckles are specifically designed to push out excess sand and to ensure a more secure clip and eliminate the worry of a buckle coming unclasped.

Can you design me a custom collar?

- As of right now, Banded Pines as a whole is not capable of making custom order collars because we print our fabric in bulk. It would not be cost effective for either party to have a custom collar made. But who knows, maybe in the future it could be a possibility!


- We do not offer positions for models or ambassadors through our brand. We personally seek out specific dog owners to sport our gear depending on a variety of things including photography style, activity with their dog, lifestyle, and avoiding promoting multiple brands through a social media outlet.


What does the warranty cover?

The members of the Banded Pines team pride themselves in the craftsmanship and durability of 

our gear. Because of this, our warranty covers Fabric wear (tearing, fraying, or coming apart), Thread

coming apart, and Webbing worn or ripped. We do also cover malfunctioning buckles (buckle does

not completely fasten or come apart) within 1 year of purchase but this DOES NOT cover  scratches,

staining or discoloration of the hardware. 

**See below for what our warranty does not cover**

When does the warranty start?

The warranty is effective once you receive the collar. You will receive a shipping notification when 

you purchase a collar from us so you can track the package.


Our gear is built to withstand every element, outdoor setting, and countless trips into the unknown

but sadly is no match for dog teeth or nails. Along with our hardware, our fabric is not made to withstand

teeth or nails which can sometimes be just as sharp as a knife. Our warranty does not cover any damage done to 

our products directly from dogs including, but not limited to, chewing, biting, excessive scratching, etc. 


YES. This is especially important for international orders.

We will fix any issues covered under our warranty free of charge once we receive the collar from you.

Please include your name, mailing address, and email or phone number. Please use a padded envelope or

small box to ensure your item makes it through the postal service automation. Make sure you pay for tracked

shipping as it’s less likely to get lost. We are not responsible for items lost in transit to our location. 

How long will my repair take?

We don't guarantee a time frame as there are so many variables with repairing a collar. Usually it can 

take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to fully repair the collar. 

What isn’t covered under warranty?

If you do not re-spray your collar with our pet safe waterproofing spray, we cannot guarantee

that stains will not begin to set in. The spray only lasts for up to 4 to 6 washes.

We cannot fix or replace any gear that has been neglected, misused, cared for incorrectly, or tampered with.

In addition, we also do not replace martingales that have been scratched, rusted, or discolored.

As metal goes, it is prone to scratches, scuffing, and rust no matter what precautions are taken. While we do take precautions

to protect our gear, if you are worried about having a scratched buckle, we recommend purchasing a

collar with a YKK military grade plastic buckle. We also do not cover or replace our tag or

label falling off or having been torn off.


If you have an odd or out-of-your-hands circumstance, we would be happy to accommodate your situation.

You can contact us by clicking on the button below and send us your questions or concerns. We will ask you to

send us proof of purchase, and / or pictures of the damaged product beforehand. 


Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of all banded pines products for their individual situation and needs. The Consumer or User accepts all responsibility by purchasing and/or using these products.

PLEASE always check all of your gear before use.

If you have any additional questions or business inquiries please feel free to send us an email via our Contact Page!


Lifetime Warranty layout referenced from Kismet Collars™